DPS909 Lab 3: Finding Possible Issues for Release 0.2

In preparation for this year’s upcoming Hacktoberfest, our class was assigned to find three open issues of any project on Github. In this post, I will introduce three projects that I am interested in working on.

Being new to the world of Github and Open Source, I thought it best to contribute on small community projects. They are listed below:



Are you a fan of trivia? Do you study using flashcards? This app here lets you create quizzes to test your knowledge on any subject.

One issue posted here needed someone to fix the alert displayed when the user decides to leave their quiz. These seemed a simple enough fix, so I indicated my interest in resolving it:

This app is written mostly in TypeScript and Python. I’m a fan of taking quizzes on the web, and it’ll be interesting to learn more about the execution in making one. To start working on this app, I’ll fork this repository and clone it to my local machine. I’ll also need to learn some Python, as I have no prior experience in using it.


Em is an app that enables to write down your daily thoughts. The homepage is available here. This issue requires the addition of a Settings page. This app is far more complex than Quizzard. However, I think I might be able to do it since the fix will primarily involve using HTML (creating the view). Even so, there are numerous smaller issues here that I could choose from. This app is primarily coded in JavaScript. So far, I’ve forked this repo and plan to study the user interface.


This repository here is a library of C++ console games. One issue requires the development of completing a hand computation for BlackJack. This project is written with C++. I have an interest in algorithms, and it will be interesting to see if I can come up or adapt an existing computation to add to this project. To start working on this, I will have to study the various classes involved in this project.

Future Goals

Lastly, I’d like to share some goals I’d like to meet by the end of HacktoberFest

  • Learning Python – It’s always great to pick up on another programming language
  • Becoming efficient in Git – bodes well for my employability
  • Getting my pull request accepted – officially contributing to a project is awesome!

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