Release 0.2 Blog 4

Quickly writing this as Hacktober comes to a close, I’ve managed to squeeze one last pull request before today’s deadline!

After working with Python last week, I’ve decided to switch gears and work on Typescript and React!

Due to time constraints, I decided to work on this issue, which requested to add a simple login page component to this project.

I added a simple form with input for the user to enter their username and password. Though not specified, I added some front end validation to the class.

This is how the new component looks like

Below are screen shots of how the validation looks

My pull request is available here.

My Reflection on HacktoberFest

Achieving goals

I am proud to say that I did achieve my goals. I progressed from working on smaller bugs to more difficult ones

I also learned a new programming language, Python and actually on contributed to a Python based project.

Doing the weekly pull requests gave me the opportunity to practice various git commands such as:

  • adding files/changes
  • committing files/changes
  • pulling and pushing code changes
  • merging
  • cloning repositories
  • adding remotes to my forked repo and original repo

This was good practice, but I wish I could have practiced more with rebasing

Things I wish I could’ve done differently

I mainly chose to work on small projects, with a few open issues. This meant from week to week, I had to spent a good amount of time trying to find new projects to work on. In the future, I’ll try to work on projects with new issues that are filed consistently. That way, I can work on the same project.

I wish I could have been able to spend more time researching new technologies and get more exposure to other projects not based on Javascript/TypeScript or React. However, the fact that we needed to get weekly pull requests completed somewhat hindered this.

I wanted to also work on a bigger project or library, but the amount of time and research required would have prevented me to meet the pull requests.

Overall, I’m satisfied with my HacktoberFest experience!

Happy Coding and Thanks for Reading!

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