DPS909: Release 0.3

How can I best describe Release 0.3? A Struggle…Definitely a Struggle

For this release, my fellow DPS909 peers and I were tasked with completing two pull requests, one on an external Github project, and another on a project created by our class.

Internal Project

This project focused on updating Seneca’s CDOT’s Planet. A planet gathers a collection of blogs and displays them for view on a single page or site. To contribute to this project, I decided to attempt this issue.

This issue aimed setting up a CircleCI build for Mac and Windows environment. Circle CI is a tool that helps develop builds of their project and conduct various testing. At this point in our project, only a Linux build was present.

I had never used CircleCI, so I spent a lot of time trying to understand what it was, how it works, and going over the examples in the docs There is a lot of documentation to cover of CircleCI’s website To use Circle CI, you have to add a hidden directory called .circle in your project’s repository. Then, a config.yml file is added to the file, in which you define your build(s) and run tests.

It took me a while to a get a hang of the syntax of the configy.yml (pronounced ya-mal) file. So far, in attempting to resolve this fix, I have about 70+ commits, and a good majority of those were from syntax errors. The config.yml is very stringent on the spacing between key value pairs, and code in a hierarchy requires uses a set amount of tabs. Overall, very confusing. In my opinion, it would be useful if the docs could have a page that goes over syntax for novices , because I wasted a lot of time figuring it out.

Even testing the effect of my commits takes time. After adding and committing my changes, and pushing them to my pull requests‘s branch, I would have to wait for the build to load and see if testing passed.

At this point, my pull request has not yet been merged, but I’ve been given the go ahead to continue working on it.

So far I’ve managed to add a Macos and Windows build to the config.yml file, but upon discussion with my professor, the Macos build isn’t necessary for now. So I’ll continue on Windows build.

The issues I need to resolve are adding multiple executors to a build. The Linux build present uses a docker container with links to two images that are necessary to run build tests.

However, the Windows build has its own executor that needs, and when I try to add the docker container to run the same tests as the Linux build, it crashes, so I’ll need more research in fixing this.

External Project

This repo features a tool that enables users to install UBports Ubuntu Touch on their devices. I decided to work on this repository’s issue, which was to set up Github Actions for this repository.

This issue is similar to my internal issue, which involves configuring a .yml file. To use Github Actions, you need to set up a workflow file in a .github/workflows directory.

To do so, I followed the steps of this link, and sent my pull request. Since I’ve been preoccupied with my internal issue, I haven’t yet monitored progress with this pull request. At this point, a few changes need to be made to my .yml file in order to it be merged. Hopefully, I’ll find some time to work on that after my internal PR is merged.

Alright that’s it for this week,

Happy Coding!

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